1st Rover Moot 2017

1st Rover Moot 2017
The Northeast Region is excited to host the first BPSA-US National Rover Moot, to be held on the weekend of September 15-17, 2017, at Camp Johnson in secluded Bolton, Connecticut.

What Is a Moot?

A Moot is a gathering of Rovers, usually in a camp, similar to Jamborees held by our younger Scouting siblings. The word “moot” is an Old English term for a meeting or assembly. Since the 1920’s, Rovers have gathered for moots of all shapes and sizes. This event will be our first National Moot, and we hope that you will have an adventurous time and make new friendships and experience Rovering as a true Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Open Air and Service.

THIS IS NOT A COURSE! It’s a weekend to get you outside to play the game of Scouting as a Rover in the great outdoors. This encampment will happen rain or shine. You will be grouped into patrols which will form the 1st Moot Rover Crew. Activities will be fun and varied, including (but not limited to), wilderness survival skills, archery, and some up close visits with Eastern woodland birds of prey.

Registration Information

Cost of attendance is set at $40. This fee will cover camp fees, food, cooking materials, and program materials. Please plan to bring your own clothing, personal gear, and sleeping bag. Expect to be in uniform for this event.

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