Fees and Costs

The leaders of the 32nd Bare Cove work hard to strike a balance between affordability and providing the proper equipment, uniforms and insurance coverage to maintain a proper scout group.  Listed below are the types of fees and what those fees are used for.

Annual Membership Dues

Annual dues cover the major costs of running the scout group and are required to join or continue your scouting membership.  Annual dues cover group fees such as:

  • Group, Scout and Leader registration with the national BPSA organization
  • Leader background checks
  • Group liability insurance
  • Uniforms, hats, neckers, woggles and badges for scouts
  • Incidental costs incurred in the maintainance of the group

In pursuit of our mission to bring Traditional Scouting to All, we have created a tiered membership structure:

Membership Level Annual Price Description
Scholarship Case-by-case We want Scouting to be accessible to all.  Please contact us to apply for a scholarship.
Basic Membership $90/year* Covers the basic costs detailed above for one scout for the Scouting year.
Supporting Membership $150/year Covers the basic costs for one scout for the Scouting year and provides extra funds to the group for the purchase of equipment/the payment of incidental charges/funding the scholarship program.

*A discount of 10% is applied to additional scouts / family after the first scout.

Activity Fees

Activity fees are determined based on the activity.  Most activities are free, but some do require additional costs such as:

  • Camp site rental fees
  • Equipment fees (such as canoe rentals or portable toilets for camp sites)
  • Entrance fees (for events at places like Challenge Rocks, Hingham’s rock climbing gym)

Activity fees are paid when you RSVP your scout(s) for the event in our TroopTrack platform.

Sponsorships, Donations and Fundraising

As a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Charity Organization, the 32nd Bare Cove is able to receive tax deductible bequests, donations and gifts.  Any donations will be used to further the goal of the group, which is to bring Traditional Scouting to All.  If you or someone you know has any donations they would like to make to the group, be they cash or equipment, please complete our Contact Form and we will gladly reach out to you as soon as possible.