The Pathfinder program is for boys and girls ages 11 – 17 or grades 6 – 12.

The BPSA’s Scout program is known as Pathfinders. This section is open to boys and girls beginning at age 11 and going through age 17 (grades 6 through 12). The emphasis will be in training through hands-on, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, canoeing, and backpacking, as well as community-service projects. Pathfinders are organized into Troops that operate in Patrols of 6 to 8 members, led by a (youth) Patrol Leader who shares responsibility with an adult leader (called the Scoutmaster) for discipline, activity planning, and training the less-experienced members.

The Pathfinder Troop should meet as a unit once per month along with the rest of the Scout Group (not counting outdoor excursions and community service outings), and be led by the Troop Leader (Scoutmaster) with help from the Assistant Scoutmaster (these should be of the opposite sex if the Troop is co-ed). At the Troop Meetings, the Pathfinders are encouraged, after the opening ceremony, announcements, etc., to break out into their smaller units (Patrols) to work on whatever it is they’re learning at the time or to plan their next outing. Patrols should also meet separately once or twice per month, separate from the Troop meeting. All Pathfinder meetings (Troop or individual Patrols) should be done with as minimal adult interference or interaction as possible. The adult Scoutmasters are there to supervise, but not to lead, the Pathfinder Scouts.

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